Our Chiro Effect Method

At our Chiro Effect office in Portage we provide gentle and low force chiropractic care to our patients through multiple chiropractic techniques. This approach will allow your body to do most of the healing with the assistance of our help. When appropriate we combine this with state of the art technology such as Hill DT Spinal Decompression which is the best, most innovated and new decompression therapy here in Portage MI and Kalamazoo County. Here at Chiro Effect Chiropractic we have exclusive rights to this latest technology in Portage and the surrounding area.  This is why we are able to efficiently help you with all your Chiropractic needs.

I love going to see Dr. Jeff!!! I always come home feeling so much better than when I went in for my appointment. He is the BEST chiropractor I have ever met!!!
— Beachnau J

Friendly & Accessible
Chiropractic Care

We have a way of operating our practice that we know you will enjoy. We start with an examination so that we can get to know you and your Chiropractic needs, and you can get to know  Dr. Jeff Wiederhold.

When Choosing a Chiropractor
Ask Yourself:

1. Can they confidently address my patient concerns?
2. Can they offer me an approachable treatment plan?
3. Can they provide successful results?

At Chiro Effect Chiropractic, we take pride in answering
“Yes!” to all of these questions and our patients are thrilled with the results.

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