Chiro Effect Chiropractic

Is proud to announce IASTM Therapy. Our Massage Therapists have special IASTM training. It is a simple, yet effective, manual therapy technique that will help you achieve better results.


IASTM is not aggressive and does not cause excessive tissue damage and bruising

  • IASTM does not replace your hands – it compliments your hands by adding another layer of soft tissue assessment and treatment.

Easy To Use

  • 1. Apply lubricating balm on skin.

  • 2. Using the rounded edges of the tool, apply moderate pressure whilst gliding along the skin. This does not hurt!

  • 3. Enjoy your relaxed muscles after only a few minutes!

**The results of clinical studies on the technique of Gua Sha can be found at this link:  https://blog.sidekicktool.com/the-evidence-and-science-behind-gua-sha/

**The results of clinical studies on the technique of Gua Sha can be found at this link: https://blog.sidekicktool.com/the-evidence-and-science-behind-gua-sha/

Clinically Proven Technique

Sidekick scrapers are based on a technique known as Gua Sha, a 2000-year-old Eastern medicine practice. By applying our tool against the skin, it releases adhesions underneath that were causing pain and impingement.

A clinical trial conducted by the University Duisburg-Essen, Germany, showed a 26% overall decrease in pain 7 days after applying the technique. Other clinical trials conducted demonstrate a range of positive benefits, including anti-inflammatory effects and increased blood flow.

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